About this blog

I use this blog space to share my experiences as a database engineer, including my learning and real work cases. I hope you can find something useful. In the memory of Steve Jobs, I used “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” as the title to courage myself and you who read it. It also made me cherish the present the most. Jobs didn’t create the metaphor, but it’s famous because of him. The similar story for “Standing on the shoulders of giants” and Newton, which was the previous name of this blog. I like both metaphors very much. Now I simply use  “Alex Zeng’s blog” as the title.

About Me

I am a database engineer, and on the way to be a better engineer. 

3 Responses to About

  1. dave himself says:

    Alex Zeng, I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your expertise. Today I benefitted from your efforts to share, and broadened my knowledge a bit more. thank you. If I had something as useful to give back, I would be happy to share my understanding also.

  2. Gary Jacques says:

    nice blog Alex ,useful information

  3. Eric says:

    Want to show you my appreciation. Would love to follow your footsteps

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