Shareplex tips

I worked on Shareplex for a few years from version 5.3 to 7.x. Recently I practice it less and less. Some knowledges start to fade away from my memory. I’d like to record something useful here for reference :

–setup shareplex steps

1. install shareplex software at source and target
2. startup shareplex at source and target
3. stop post at target
4. activate config config_file at source
5. select current_scn from v$database; from source
6. expdp data from source using FLASHBACK_SCN
7. impdp data to target
8. reconcile queue q_tmp for o.SSID-o.TSID scn on target
9. start post at target

–reconcile steps

1.split the table to an individule queue q_tmp
2.stop post queue q_tmp
3.exp, expdp on source with flashback_scn xxx
4.truncate table on target and imp, impdp it
5.reconcile queue q_tmp for o.LPSIE-o.LPSIE scn on target
5.start post queue q_tmp

–compare and repair commands

compare table siebel.S_SRM_TASK_HIST to siebel.S_SRM_TASK_HIST target repair
show compare
cancel compare

–copy command

On target:
   start launcher
   stop post
On source:
   copy siebel.S_SRM_DATA to siebel.S_SRM_DATA;
   copy status;
On target:
   stop launcher

–check the current shareplex Oracle user

list param read

–activate configure file got lock error, try set this


–skip post object ids

set param SP_OPO_DISABLE_OBJECT_NUM 90039,90516,88963,90035,90040
set param SP_QUE_MAX_QUEUES 50

–delete queue

qview -i
deleteq xq_row_id_partM+P+o.LPSIE-o.LPSIE
--delete queue user, find the right line by nslookup IP
deluser lpsie+X +PX+lpsie+sp_xport+0x0a1145af

About Alex Zeng
I would be very happy if this blog can help you. I appreciate every honest comments. Please forgive me if I'm too busy to reply your comments in time.

3 Responses to Shareplex tips

  1. Prasad says:

    I am trying to implement replication to multiple targets. There will be one single source and two targets. Both targets will have different number of tables to be replicated – some tables would be common. Please suggest if this works? Secondly what is the recommended approach- should I use one config or two config files for replication

    • Alex Zeng says:

      My suggestion is that you run two sharplex instances to do that. Of course, two config files will be used.

  2. badri thiru says:

    Great ! awesome …

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