A script to format pseudo code

To format the pseudo code in previous blog, I wrote a small perl script to do that:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

#2/3/2013  Alex Zeng  format code with if, else, loop

my $ifile = shift;
my $blank = 0;
my $indent = 2;
open(IFILE, "$ifile") or die "Cannot open $ifile\n";
while(my $line = <IFILE>) {
  if($line =~ /^\s*else/i
     or $line =~ /^\s*end/i
    ) {  #reduce indent before xxx
    $blank = $blank - 2;
  if($blank > 0) {
    print " " x $blank;  #print several blanks
    print "$line";
  } else {
    print "$line";
    $blank = 0;
  if($line =~ /^\s*if/i
     or $line =~ /^\s*else/i
     or $line =~ /^\s*loop/i
    ) {  #increase indent after xxx
    $blank = $blank + 2;

As always, it’s not perfect, but a start. Maybe sometimes it’s helpful for you.

About Alex Zeng
I would be very happy if this blog can help you. I appreciate every honest comments. Please forgive me if I'm too busy to reply your comments in time.

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