Good oracle documents

Tradeoffs when increasing DB_BLOCK_SIZE [ID 65984.1]
Case Study Master [ID 342534.1]
Installation setup

Steps To Recreate Central Inventory(oraInventory) In RDBMS Homes [ID 556834.1]
Where is the script [ID 438676.1]
TROUBLESHOOTING: Server Upgrade Results in Slow Query Performance [ID 160089.1]
Master Note For Oracle Database Upgrades and Migrations [ID 1152016.1]
Different Upgrade Methods For Upgrading Your Database [ID 419550.1]
Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to 11gR2 [ID 837570.1]
Oracle 11gR2 Upgrade Companion [ID 785351.1]


How to restore ASM based OCR after complete loss of the CRS diskgroup [ID 1062983.1]
How to restore ASM OCR in 11.2 DOC 1062983.1
Master Note for Real Application Clusters (RAC) Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Grid Infrastructure [ID 1096952.1]

Listener, TNS, Connection
Listener Hanging Intermittently [ID 52808.1]
server side connection pool  [ID 1087381.1]
Example of Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) Usage [ID 577865.1]
Multi-Threaded Server (MTS) Trace Events (Doc ID 106624.1)
SQL tuning
Master Note: How to Identify Resource Intensive SQL for Tuning [ID 232443.1]
Master Note: TROUBLESHOOTING: Advanced Query Tuning [ID 163563.1]
START HERE> Diagnosing Query Tuning Problems [ID 233112.1]
Master Note: Diagnosing Why a Query is Not Using an Index [ID 67522.1]
QREF: SQL Statement HINTS [ID 29236.1]
Parse, bind variable
High Version count due to BIND_MISMATCH [ID 336268.1] -only for 8.1.7
SQLs With Bind Variable Has Very High Version Count [ID 258742.1] (set EVENT 10503 to reduce SQL version)
How to Find Literal SQL in Shared Pool [ID 187987.1]
How To Flush an Object Out The Library Cache [SGA] Using The DBMS_SHARED_POOL Package [ID 457309.1]
Formated V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR Report by SQLID or Hash Value [ID 438755.1]
Handling and resolving unshared cursors/large version_counts [ID 296377.1]
Literal SQL is not shared in PL/SQL block with cursor_sharing set to Force or Similar [ID 285447.1]
Unsafe Literals or Peeked Bind Variables [ID 377847.1]
When Cursor_Sharing=Similar/Force do not Share Cursors When Literals are Used? [ID 364845.1]
Handling and resolving unshared cursors/large version_counts [ID 296377.1]
How to work out how many of the parse count are hard/soft? [ID 34433.1]
SQL Parsing Flow Diagram [ID 32895.1]
Handling and resolving unshared cursors/large version_counts [ID 296377.1]
Formated V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR Report by SQLID or Hash Value [ID 438755.1]
Bug 9689310 – Excessive child cursors / high VERSION_COUNT / OERI:17059 due to bind mismatch [ID 9689310.8]
Flashback Database Best Practices & Performance [ID 565535.1]
What Do All 10g Flashback Features Rely on and what are their Limitations ? [ID 435998.1]
List of Bug Fixes
Search “List of Bug Fixes” in metalink to find fixed bugs in each release, such as [ID 1088172.1]
TNS & Listener
TroubleShooting Guide For ORA – 12502 TNS:listener received no CONNECT_DATA from client [ID 453505.1]
How To Connect Using A Sqlplus Preliminary Connection [ID 986640.1]
Flash Recovery area – Space management Warning & Alerts [ID 305812.1]
Flashback Logs-Space management [ID 369755.1]
How To Disable Flashback Database Without A Bounce [ID 833584.1]
How To Recover From A Drop/Truncate/Delete Table Done On Primary Using Flashback On A Standby Database [ID 958557.1]
Log file
WAITEVENT: “log file sync” Reference Note [ID 34592.1]
How to Tune Log File Sync? [ID 857576.1]
Performance Diagnostic & Health Check
How to Perform a Health Check on the Database [ID 122669.1]
Oracle Performance Diagnostic Guide (OPDG) [ID 390374.1]
Database Instance Tuning Knowledge Browser Product Page [ID 267886.1]
Full Table Scans On A Table Is Reading 1 Block At A Time. (Due To Chained / Migrated Rows) [ID 554366.1]
WAITEVENT: “db file sequential read” Reference Note [ID 34559.1]
Backup & Recovery
How to Resolve ORA-03297 When Resizing a Datafile by Finding the Table Highwatermark [ID 130866.1]
Fractured blocks found during crash or instance recovery when using EMC Symmetrix storage [ID 758055.1]
How to resolve ORA-00600 [13013], [5001] [ID 816784.1] corrupted block
Handling Oracle Block Corruptions in Oracle7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g [ID 28814.1]
Extracting Data from a Corrupt Table using DBMS_REPAIR or Event 10231 [ID 33405.1]
Cascaded Standby Databases [ID 409013.1]
CBO & Statistics
Cost Based Optimizer – Common Misconceptions and Issues – 10g and Above [ID 754931.1]
Master Note: Restoring table statistics in 10G onwards [ID 452011.1]
OS, Solaris
How To Display Information About Processes on SUN Solaris [ID 70609.1]
Troubleshooting Database Contention With V$Wait_Chains [ID 1428210.1]***
How to Determine The Lock Type and Mode from an Enqueue Wait [ID 413934.1]
TX Transaction locks – Example wait scenarios [ID 62354.1]-good explain on TX lock
REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY AND LOCKING [ID 33453.1] good explain on v$lock, TM lock
VIEW: “V$LOCK” Reference Note [ID 29787.1]good explain on v$lock,
WAITEVENT: “enqueue” Reference Note [ID 34566.1]
FAQ about Detecting and Resolving Locking Conflicts [ID 15476.1]
Init.ora Parameter “CURSOR_SHARING” Reference Note [ID 94036.1]
Fundamentals of the Large Pool [ID 62140.1]
How to Calculate Your Shared Pool Size [ID 1012046.6]
Understanding and Tuning the Shared Pool [ID 62143.1]
Which Views Can Be Used to Monitor PGA Usage in Oracle 10g and Higher? [ID 469521.1]
Automatic PGA Memory Management [ID 223730.1]
Using Parallel Execution [ID 203238.1]
Checklist for Performance Problems with Parallel Execution [ID 280939.1]
Why didn’t my parallel query use the expected number of slaves? [ID 199272.1]
Parallel Query Wait Events [ID 191103.1]
Diagnosing High CPU Utilization [ID 164768.1]
*TBR*Database Performance – FAQ [ID 402983.1]
Master Note: Why is a Particular Query Slower on One Machine than Another? [ID 604256.1]
Extent Sizes for Sort, Direct Load and Parallel Operations (PCTAS & PDML) [ID 50592.1]
Top Partition Performance Issues [ID 166215.1]
How to Split Partition of Heavily Used Table [ID 76769.1]
Fast Split partitioning in 9iR2 [ID 232628.1]
“Update Global Indexes” Allows Automatic Global Index Maintenance During DDL [ID 139707.1]
Exchange Partition Having Global Index with Non – Partitioned Table [ID 419505.1]
How to Partition a Non-partitioned Table [ID 1070693.6]
How To Partition Existing Table Using DBMS_Redefinition [ID 472449.1]
10g and above SEGMENT ADVISOR [ID 242736.1]
Index Rebuild, the Need vs the Implications [ID 989093.1]
How Does the Index Block Splitting Mechanism Work for B*tree Indexes? [ID 183612.1]
How Btree Indexes Are Maintained [ID 30405.1]
How to Find Out How Much Space an Index is Using [ID 33343.1]
Script: To Report Information on Indexes [ID 1019722.6]
All About Security: User, Privilege, Role, SYSDBA, O/S Authentication, Audit, Encryption, OLS, Database Vault, Audit Vault [ID 207959.1]
Script to Check for Default Passwords Being Used for Common Usernames [ID 227010.1]
Patch 4926128 Oracle Default Password Scanner
Oracle Created Database Users: Password, Usage and Files References [ID 160861.1]
Data Management
How to escapte special characters
oracle default account and password
How to Increase Performance when Fetching a Small Clob (< 4K)? [ID 790385.1]
NOTE:162345.1 – LOBS – Storage, Read-consistency and Rollback
NOTE:66431.1 – LOBS – Storage, Redo and Performance Issues
Note.268476.1  LOB Performance Guideline


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    Hi Alex,

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    Its Greate collection , Vary helpfull for DBA .

    Thanks for all This

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