How to exp & imp at the same time on different machines

By using pipe and dd, exp and imp can run at the same time on different machines.
Step1. target DB server azsource:
cd /oracle/azsource/data02/wenjin_tmp
mknod azsource.dmp p
imp AZ/AZ file=azsource.dmp tables=mytable ignore=y log=azsource.log fromuser=AZ touser=AZ commit=y buffer=51200000 indexes=N constraints=N; &
Step2. source DB server aztarget:
cd /oracle/aztarget/data09/wenjin_tmp
mknod azsource.dmp p
exp AZ/AZ tables=mytable:PART01 file=azsource.dmp buffer=102400000 direct=y log=azsource.log indexes=N grants=n triggers=N statistics=none &
dd bs=1048576 if=azsource.dmp | rsh ‘dd bs=1048576 of=/oracle/azsource/data02/wenjin_tmp/azsource.dmp’    &

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