Step by step to create a new db 10g manually

Step1. prepare an init file and startup nomount

startup nomount

Step2. run create database SQL

create database ALEXZENG
user sys identified by oracle
user system identified by oracle
group 1 '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_redo1.log'  SIZE 500M,
group 2 '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_redo2.log'  SIZE 500M,
group 3 '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_redo3.log'  SIZE 500M
maxlogfiles 5
maxlogmembers 5
maxloghistory 1
maxdatafiles 100
maxinstances 2
character set UTF8
national character set al16utf16
datafile '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_system_01.dbf' size 512M
extent management local
SYSAUX datafile '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_sysaux_01.dbf' size 2048M 
default tablespace DATA datafile '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_data_01.dbf' size 1024M segment space management auto
default temporary tablespace TEMP01 tempfile '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_temp01_01.dbf' size 1024M
undo tablespace UNDOTBS01 datafile '/oracle/ALEXZENG/data01/ALEXZENG_undotbs01_01.dbf' size 1024M 
autoextend off;

Step3. create dictionary objects

spool catalog.log
spool off
spool cataproc.log
conn system/oracle

Step4. enable archivelog

conn / as sysdba
shutdown immediate
startup mount
alter database archivelog;
alter database open;
archive log list

Finally, check the log and db component status:

SQL> col COMP_NAME for a50 
SQL> select COMP_NAME,VERSION,STATUS from dba_registry;

COMP_NAME                                          VERSION                        STATUS
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------------------
Oracle Database Catalog Views                                 VALID
Oracle Database Packages and Types                            VALID

The total time is about 35 minutes in my test. Sometimes it is quicker than clone a existing DB. And it is clean.

You can also using DBCA silent mode to create a DB as simple as below.

1.Make a copy of the response file [install_dir]/Disk1/response/dbca.rsp
2.Edit the response file
3.dbca -silent -responseFile [response file]


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