oralce physical rowid structure

Since Oracle 8i, oracle physical rowid is in extended rowid format. Extended rowids show in 18 characters with base 64 encoding. The encoding characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, +, and /. It is stored in 10 bytes (80 bits).

An extended rowid has a four-piece format, OOOOOOFFFBBBBBBRRR:

The first 6 characters OOOOOO represent data object number, using 32bits

The next 3 characters FFF represent tablespace-relative datafile number, using 10bits.

The next 6 characters BBBBB represent block number, using 22bits.

The last 3 character RRR represent row number, using 16bit



It will easy to understand below.

32bit—object number——–The maximum number of OBJECT in one database is 4G (4294967296)
10bit—file number—–The maximum number of FILE in a tablespace is 1022 (keep 2 in remainder)
22bit—block number——–The maximum number of BLOCK in one file is : 4M (4194304)
16bit—row number——– The maximum number of ROW in one block is 64K(65536)


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  1. neworacledba says:

    this is an informative post…great job

  2. Abdul Rahman says:

    It really helped me to understand the basic idea….great

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